How to keep long distance relationship alive and live happy

how to keep long distance relatioship alive
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How to keep long distance relationship alive - Many people believe that long-distance relationships don't work out and there will be and end soon.

Nobody from your family, friends or anyone close to you will say that yes long distance relationship can work out.

It's true that things get complicated sometimes but you have to have a solution for the same.

There are many solutions which are there to maintain such types of relationship and keep you love and bonding strong.

1) Do not communicate much.

Excessive communication may result in being overly sticky and possessive sometimes, you don't have to call him or her every hour of the day.

Many couples think that communicating every hour and talking would help them maintain the relationship but it's not true.

This might make things worse, as there won't be much excitement left and you will get tired of loving.

No one loves spammers this is the same concept, quality communication is better.

2) Set some rules for expectations - How to keep long distance relationship alive

The couple has to fix some rules by mutually talking to each other about what they expect from each other when they are far.

Becuase expectations hurts but clarity won't.

Talk about the commitment levels and be open with each other on what things should be done and what not.

3) Try to communicate regularly but in a creative manner.

Every day doing the same good morning and good night text is boring, do some creativity each day to make the mornings and night the best.

Keep an update each day on what's going on in each other life and never tell lies.

Send pictures , videos and voice note to each other so that they feel special and not forgotten.

4) Avoid what your partner don't like.

Be a bit compromising, if you partners do not like when you go to the club at late night either don't do it or ask for permission well in advance to avoid negative thinking and conflicts.

Being careless won't help your relationship it will lead you to fights each day and one day it will end up.

5) Do things together even when you can - How to keep long distance relationship alive

Play an online game together or watch youtube videos together talk on things what you watching and share the excitement.

Play online games together, go for online shopping together and much more.

6) Keep visiting each other once in every 4 months.

The 4-month wait will keep an excitement alive to meet each other and do things which you were not able to when you were far.

The meeting is an important part because if you leave meeting you will get a habit to live alone never do that.

When you meet in a long distance relationship your emotions get stronger.

7) Have a goal in mind and be clear.

Having a goal is really important and make clear to your partner on how long you both are going to be far from each other.

discuss the future and what you want to achieve at the end of the day.

Make a timeline and mark down the estimated time of being apart and for what reason.

8) Enjoy your alone time.

Everyone in their life needs their own space to live and enjoy with family, friends or alone.

Because if you don't do that loneliness will kill you and make you even more negative.

Do what you love each day, it may be going to the gym, getting a hobby, or reading online etc.

9) Be Honest - How to keep long distance relationship alive.

Tell what you feel, no one is a magician to know about your feeling until you don't tell them what you feel.

Sharing your insecurity, fear, jealousy or whatever it may be.

If you try to hide anything from your partner, that secret will sooner or later swallow you up from inside out.

10) Gift something special to each other to hold on.

Gifting each other some personal things helps in holding on to each other and making them remind that they are with you always.

Let it may be a locket, bracelet keychain or anything you love. 

We can look or hold on to something that will help us remember about the responsibility we have towards each other.

11) Stay positive - How to keep long distance relationship alive.

You have to be consistent with being positive as this is the most important part of any relationship.

The waiting can be painful and sometimes it may make you too lonely but you have to fight this with the positive vibes.

One good trick to staying positive is to be grateful all the time.
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