Reckless murder woman stabbed 20 times till she stopped moving

woman stabbed 20 times in delhi, India news
woman stabbed 20 times in Delhi, source via - google search, India news
Reckless murder Delhi - Man stopped his bike, attacked a young woman and kept stabbing her till she stopped moving.

CCTV footage, which showed that a dozen people did nothing to help 21-year-old Karuna.

Karuna, who is a teacher by profession, was stabbed some 30 times on a busy road in Burari in north Delhi.

The CCTV shows that he is then seen pushing her to the ground before stabbing and kicking her multiple times.

As the brutal attack unfolded on the side of the road, people nearby continued on their way, ignoring Karuna’s cries for help.

Police said Singh was in love with Karuna for over a year and had proposed to her several times, but she never replied back.

Karuna, however, ignored him , It was then that Singh started stalking her and even threatened to kill her.

Her family had complained about five months ago that she was being harassed and stalked by Surender, a 34-year-old neighbor in the middle of a divorce.

Police said both Karuna and Singh were called to the police station, and both compromised as Karuna’s family members did not want to file a police case.

CCTV visuals show the attacker stabbing the woman repeatedly as she thrashed about helplessly. Some glanced and kept walking, others watched in horror but failed to react.

The woman soon stopped moving but the attacker didn't. He went to the prone body a few more times with his knife.

The locals gathered at the spot and managed to catch Singh, who was trying to flee. They thrashed him and called the police. He was then handed over to us,” an investigator said.

The case is being registered against the murderer and soon actions will be taken for the act.
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