Best way to make matte nail polish with easy home tricks

best way to make nail polish matte at home
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Best way to make matte nail polish – Mostly all the nail polish which are available in the market will give you a shiny finishing.

But the trend today has changed to matte nail polish or non-shiny nail polish, there are companies manufacturing matte nail polish but they are very expensive.

There are ways in which you can make your shiny nail polish matte at home.

1) USE CORNSTARCH FOR GIVING A MATTE LOOK – Best way to make matte nail polish – WAY 1.

a) Firstly you need to apply a bottom coat of normal polish before applying the main nail polish.

b) Buff and file your nail’s before applying the coat and also clean your nails with nail polish remover using cotton pads.

c) Apply the polish coat to dry surface of nails.

d) Get a small quantity of cornstarch and a toothpick.

e) Take out your nail polish small quantity in a glass bowl and add a small quantity of cornstarch into that nail polish, do it quickly so that the nail polish does not get dried out.

f) The nail polish will get thicker after mixing the same, do not worry and apply it on your nails as you apply the normal nail paint.

g) Use a clean nail brush to apply this mixture.

h) Once the nail paint is dried out you will end up with a matter or non-shiny finishing.

i) After the nails are dried out for better effect apply a top polish coat to get professional finishing.

2) Using steam to get a matte finish – Best way to make matte nail polish – way 2.

a) Paint your nails as you do it regularly, by starting with filing and buffing the nails.

b) Apply a bottom coat of polish and allow it to dry, then apply the color coat, just remember that the coat is not very thick.

c) Correct any mistakes with a Q-tip as you do it regularly and let your nails dry completely.

d) Pour some water into the pan and heat it to produce a good amount of steam or use a steam machine if you have it at home.

e) Place your hand above the steam, expose all parts of our nails to the steam.

f) Be careful and do not hold your hand very close to the heated water, keep moving your hand slowly for all parts of nails to get the steam.

g) Do it for hardly 30 seconds, and you will get a matte finish and still if you do not get the finish get more steam for your nails and try it again for a longer time.
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