How to reduce blood pressure by food

how to reduce blood pressure by food
how to reduce blood pressure by food

How to reduce blood pressure by food - Diet plays a very important role in reducing the blood pressure. 

Research also shows that it has a great effect on an immediate basis and also in long-term.

Many people face high blood pressure and there are many risks involved if you do not treat it properly and in a timely 

manner. Lifestyle modification has played a significant role in increasing blood pressure which is also termed as hypertension.

There is always a risk of heart disease, heart attacks and also any kidney disease. In this article, we will discuss all 

those foods which will help you in reducing the blood pressure by intake of good food.

1) Strawberries and Blueberries

Berries contain antioxidant and a compound known as anthocyanins which play a great role in lowering the blood pressure.

Anthocyanins intake can help in reducing 9% of high blood pressure if you intake a proper amount according to your height and weight.

You can enjoy barrier in a different way it may be like a snack or after your daily meal or make a smoothie from the best berries you like.

2) Banana - How to reduce blood pressure by food

Banana is rich in potassium and potassium plays a great role in managing hypertension.

There should be potassium consumption in your daily diet. There is also much other food which is potassium rich like sweet potato, beans, mushrooms, avocado, tuna etc.

Do not intake too much potassium and consuming a lot of it can be problematic for kidney disease.

3) Beetroot Juice

You have to make beetroot juice on a daily basis which will be approximately one cup or 300ml and have that juice for 1 month.

Studies have shown that by drinking the juice and keeping the consistency helped in reducing blood pressure in a great manner. Beet contains high levels of inorganic nitrate which helps in blood pressure.

If you do not like the juice you can also make a beet salad or add beetroots pieces to your vegetable daily diet schedule.

4) Dark chocolate  - How to reduce blood pressure by food

Dark chocolate contains cocoa in it, You should consume one piece of the dark chocolate on a daily basis which will help reducing blood pressure.

The quality of the chocolate should be good and of branded companies. It can also help in reducing prehypertension.

Suppose if you know your upcoming work is going to give you hypertension. Try eating Dark Chocolate before going to that 

work this might help you to be calm and in good mood.

5) 3 kiwi a day

Remember this and set an alarm in your mobile of 3 kiwis a day. You can have it in the morning, evening and before going to bed.

This habit will be good for your blood pressure. Keep this habit for 2 months and see the results and you will find a significant drop in your pressure.

Kiwi is also rich in Vitamin C and consuming 450 mg of the same for 2 months can give a good result.

6) Watermelon  - How to reduce blood pressure by food

Watermelons are rich in amino acid which are also know as citrulline. This citrulline helps the body to produce nitric oxide, 

this nitric oxide is a gas that relaxes blood vessels and encourages flexibility in arteries.

This process helps in increasing the blood flow and ultimately reducing the blood pressure.

Watermelons are very good for people who are overweight as some researchers have shown that it reduces the pressure of the 

main artery in the upper arm which is termed as brachial artery.

7) Green vegetables (leafy)

We all know that eating green vegetables has been healthy since we were learned that from the kindergarten.

As these vegetables are rich in nitrate which helps in reducing hypertension up to 20 hours.

There are many such vegetables you can eat like lettuce, cabbage, mustard greens, spinach, fennel etc.

8) Oats - How to reduce blood pressure by food

Oats are rich in fiber, particularly a fiber called beta-glucan. This fiber has also helped in reducing the cholesterol levels and some researchers have also shown that it helps in lowering blood pressure.

You can start your day with oatmeal and you will feel good the whole day.

9) Eat garlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic and antifungal food as its main compound is allicin which is good for health and has many benefits.

The role of garlic is the same as watermelon which produces a gas called nitric oxide and which helps in relaxing the mussels and a smooth blood flow.

You can replace salt with garlic for food you make at home. As salt is very harmful to people having high blood pressure they can use garlic for their good taste.

10) Fermented food - How to reduce blood pressure by food

Fermented foods are known for its rich probiotic source which is known as the good bacteria and these bacteria play an important role in maintaining good and healthy intestines and gut.

Fermented foods which you can eat are:- yogurt natural, apple cider vinegar, miso, tempeh etc.

There are also many probiotic drinks which are available in the market ready. You can purchase that and can have it on a daily basis.

11) Pomegranates

This is a 20-day process, drinking 1 cup daily of pomegranate juice has shown good effects in short term.

It is the effect of antioxidant content in the fruit. Do not add sugar while making the juice, drink it raw.

12) Pistachios

Pistachios are very healthy nuts, if you are in very much of stress then you should try pistachios as it reduces the tightness of blood vessels and relaxing you from the stress.

Other nuts have also the same results like almonds etc.

13) White beans

You need to have one cup of white beans every day which will fulfill your daily requirements of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This will help in lowering the blood pressure.

Keep this beans on your office desk or at home in the room and eat it like munches.

14) Skim milk

Drinking cold skim milk a glass every day will help in reducing blood pressure by 10 percent if you do it for 15 to 20 days each day without missing it.

As skim milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D it reduces the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

15) Egg whites

Many people consider that eggs are not good for health then they are wrong. Especially egg whites are not on the list of heart foods you should have.

There has also been a research on rats with high blood pressure. After giving them egg whites there was a significant drop in blood pressure levels.

16) Sesame and rice bran oil

When you cook your food do not use any kind of oil as some of them are not good for health.

Using sesame oil and rice bran oil in mixing with each other is very healthy and saw a good drop in blood pressure levels. It is said that this lowering effect is due to fatty acids and antioxidants present in the oil.

17) Foods you should avoid

The below-mentioned foods are not good if you have a high blood pressure so try and avoid the same to see good results for the above-mentioned foods.

a) Salt - Sodium can drastically raise the blood pressure. There should be a limitation of consuming salt on a daily basis. You should go and ask the dietician for the same.

b) Alcohol - If you are consuming wine on a daily basis and in a limited quantity prescribed then it can be good for health. But consuming alcohol more then the levels can put you in high risks. Heavy Alcohol drinkers are at risk of heart failure, stroke, cancer, and obesity.

c) Caffeine - Many people have a habit to consume huge caffeine levels which are in coffee, tea, cola and energy drinks.
you feel energetic because there has been a rise in short-term blood pressure and its effect will end in the coming 3 hours.

I hope this article has helped you. 
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