10 Best ways to be positive and happy in life

best ways to be positive and happy in life
best ways to be positive and happy in life
The best ways to be positive and happy in life:- Being positive and ignoring stuff happening around you nowadays is a really big task.

Research has shown that we have the power to control our emotions. Being happy and not being negative is in our own hands and we can control it.

We just have to train ourselves to be happy and positive in life.

Do not try to ignore negative things rather find a good way to deal with it. Situations never get fine if you ignore them you have to find a way to deal with it.

You need to have a lot of patience in life to be a positive thinker

No person can be positive if you overthink a lot, people with an overthinking problem are the most negative people. If you have the same habit of overthinking then you must get rid of it first.
Below the 10 best ways to be positive and happy in life.

1) Accept what you are

If you want to change, First, you need to analyze where are you right now and what negative thoughts are in your mind and what problems you have in your current situations.

To be positive in life you need to find your problems. So the first step to analyze is to get to the roots of all negative thoughts.

Note down how you are responding to negative feeling and find a better way to respond if you want to be positive in life.

Accept and note down things or habits about yourself which are leading to negative thoughts and you are not able to change that. 

Find a way to deal with it and the best way to deal with it is being calm and tackle the situation gently.

Do not judge your self and put yourself down. The feelings which you are getting they can be good and also bad. You can get positive in life only when you respond to that feeling or situation in a nice way with a cool mind.

2) Make positive goals - the best ways to be positive and happy in life

Always have a goal if you want to be positive and happy in life. Make realistic goals which you are able to achieve by not stressing yourself.

Set positive goals for life, you can set goals like:- " Be more positive and talk calm" you have to remember yourself this whenever you get angry in a situation.

"Meditate 2 times a week" Keep on thinking that in mind and you can at least meditate for half hour before sleeping or after waking up.

These kinds of positive goal you have to set for yourself whichever suits you the best. Try to set 3 positive goals which you can achieve.

Do not set goals which are dependable on others, you cannot control others to achieve your goals. Set such types of goals which are achievable based on your own capabilities.

3) Extend the feeling of love to everyone

You always express the feeling of love to your family members, also try to show this love to everyone around you.

This is one kind of meditation practice which is listed in Buddhist traditions. 

This meditation practice makes you learn that if you show love and be calm with everyone around you it is said that you will always be positive in life and happier than others.

If you use these tactics it is likely said that you will improve your relationships with others around you within 4 to 5 weeks.

Extending love to others will also reduce the symptoms of depression in you and you will feel happier.

4) Do exercise - The best ways to be positive and happy in life

Doing exercise in your daily routine is very helpful to stay positive because when you exercise the body releases a chemical called endorphins.

Endorphins are body natural chemical generally know as the feel-good chemicals of the body.

When you exercise on a daily basis research shows that it increases you calmness and your well-being. Even doing exercise for half an hour will make you feel better.

Rather going to the gym, go for a walk in a garden or do yoga in a green surrounding this will make you feel better.

5) Only do things you love and for yourself

Pamper yourself, this might sound very easy but it is not. You are busy the whole day in your daily routine job or studies, find a good time to pamper yourself.

Do things which you like and which makes you feel happy. Doing activities for yourself will make you happy in life.

Studies have shown that removing time for yourself even an hour in a day will make you feel very positive and good about yourself.

6) Be surrounded by friends or family - best ways to be positive and happy in life

Do not be alone all the time in your day, this will make you feel more depressed and negative thoughts might enter your mind.

Appreciate the people who were with you in your sad times and also the happy times. Remember to only stay with positive people and not the negative ones.

Find a good company and do not just be surrounded with negative people because you want to be surrounded and you need people.

When you are with a company of a person who has similar thoughts and also same hobbies like you have it is proven that you will be more happy and positive with those type of persons.

Share things with them and thank them if they have been supporting you in your life in many situations. By doing this you are spreading the positivity and you will feel happy.

7) Find a good therapist

Going to a therapist is not a bad thing and it is not always necessary that when something is wrong with you at that time only you have to visit a therapist.

Just consider the visit as an annual checkup for being a positive person in life.

Therapist play a role of an influencer to make your life more positive and happy. Because when you talk to a therapist they will show you a way to a happier life.

The Therapist will also make you learn the technique to develop positive thinking and also will suggest you positive strategies to achieve our goals.

8) Ignore negative influencers - the best ways to be positive and happy in life

Chose your people wisely let it be family or friends or people in your office. Being with negative people will influence your negative behavior.

If you do not have good people around you try changing your friends and show positive behavior and change their thought process.

You can even encourage them to learn new ways of positive thinking. Even after you do this and you see negative behavior in them try to stay away from such people.

9) Always make yourself comfortable

There can be many situations where you will feel uncomfortable, just remember to get out of such situations.

If you do not feel comfortable doing some things, there are chances that you get your negative thinking back. You will also get worried or feel bad when you are not in your comfort zone.

Learn to say "NO" for things you do not like, this will keep you happier in life.

10) Do not be afraid of failure and keep trying

You won't be able to remove your negative thinking instantly, you will somehow in a day burst out of negative thoughts because it has been a habit for you.

You will fail many times to control yourself but keep patience and move on ahead.

Do not fear that you won't be able to be positive and happy in life. You will have success one day but never ever in life give up on trying the next time.

Remember everything is in our hands and you have to control your mind. Keep calm and train yourself this is the best ways to be positive and happy in life.
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