What is the day of the dead festival in mexico

day of the dead festival mexico

What is the day of the dead?

The day of the dead is a holiday celebrated in the Mexican region. Mostly is it celebrated in the central and the southern region of Mexico.

This holiday is celebrated since the ancient times keeping in mind older traditions of pre-Columbian cultures.

It was nearly about 2500 years ago where people prayed for the deaths of ancestors.

it is a family and friends gathering where they pray for and remember members who have died and help support their spiritual journey.

This tradition is also explained by the cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

It is officially a public holiday and people pray and get together and spend time for around 2 to 3 days long.

it is a kind of respect to the people whom they have lost. This event generally comes around October 31 to November 2 of every year.

The Day of the dead is not a Halloween celebration

Many people around the world have confusion that is it a Mexican style of celebrating the Halloween. We know that both the festivals have the same skull theme but have different means.

Halloween is considered to be as a dark night of terror and mischief whereas the day of the dead is an explosion of beautiful colors and it is a joyful event in the respect and prayer of lost loved ones.

The Day of the dead foods

day of the dead foods

It is a festival where people go to cemeteries and offer the loved ones what they like. People also share funny images of the memories with loved ones.

People offer the loved ones the food which they like. There are many foods which people make or buy to offer the people whom they have lost at cemeteries.

Foods which people generally offer are:- moles and tamales, sweet egg-rich which is known as the bread of the dead, sugar skulls, mini sweet treats, a glass of water, some people offer traditional liquor, thick beverages, chocolates, pumpkin candy and many more.
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