Baby Born After a Uterus Transplant History Made In The Field Of Obstetrics

baby born after a uterus transplant

The world is proud and doctors are celebrating a great breakthrough in the field of obstetrics. A woman gave birth to the first baby born after a uterus transplant. This uterus was replaced by a brain-dead woman.

This is also a happy news for the women who are fighting against infertility. There are many women who are sad just because they can't give birth to a baby because of uterus problems.

Slowly and gradually uterus transplant technology will help everybody who is facing infertility problems.

Till date, it was seen that after a uterus transplant, the transplant was not successful and the uterus didn't survive. The uterus does not survive because of infections and rejection by the body immune system. But this is the case where it did survive and the baby was born.

The uterus transplant surgery took 10 hours which involved connecting the donor uterus to the receivers. During surgery, the veins, arteries, ligaments, and vaginal canals connections are also done.

When you read this article do not only take knowledge but help the woman who is struggling for a baby because of uterus problem. Share the knowledge to the woman, create awareness.

From this case, doctors also learned that uterus can survive for up to 8 hours after removing from any woman's body. Till date, the time was of only 4 hours.

As there are many donors who donate kidney, liver, heart, eyes etc. We hope that uterus will also be added in the donation list so women who are suffering from infertility due to uterus problems can be benefited.

Doctors also said that like kidney or liver which stays for life after a transplant, the same is not with uterus transplant.

The uterus transplant is done only until the baby reaches maturity, once the delivery of the baby is made the uterus is being removed from the body with the baby. 

The uterus is removed because doctors do not know the long-term effect of a foreign uterus in the body. They do not know if the uterus will harm the body, spread infection, spoil other parts of the body etc. So once the baby is born the uterus is being removed.
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